Sunday, April 10, 2011

New nail polish trend - yellow

The new yellow Chanel nail polish, called "577 Mimosa" became in a few days famous!! This will be a big favourite for women in Paris and for those who loves Paris, like me, because this wonderful polish is lighting on nails the same like Eiffel-Tower is lighting in Paris! 

It also fits to the new trends: 

  • with bouncy-coloured clothes you will use the rules of colour-blocking
  • if you like minimalism more, you can wear it with a minimalist black or white dress
  • a maxi dress, maybe with the flower-print-trend, would also look amazing
  • another good choice would be to wear it with shorts 
                                                      !! perfect for summer !!

This nail polish is really bold, so your lack have to be perfect! I mean, if you can see stripes on your dry lack, you have to make it again, or you can wear it like that ugly! I would make it again! 

You can buy it in any Chanel fragrance shops for 22€

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