Friday, February 18, 2011

High heels 2011

Hi, sorry that I didn't wrote as long, but I'm still a student and I had a lot of exams this week. My next week is gonna be calmer.

So, I wrote a few weeks ago about flats, now I gonna write about high heels. I loooove high heels, because they make you look higher, skinnier, more effeminate and special. I don't wear them too much yet, because I'm just 14. But I will wear high heels everyday, when I will be older! I promise!

My "theorie" for shoes is: they must be flat or really (it means bigger than 5 cm) high heels. I don't really like shoes with 2-3-4 cm high high heels, because they don't look bouncy. But of course there are exceptions! I saw a few beautiful that kinda shoes, BUT really just a FEW!!

So now I wanna show you my favourite high heels from this season, spring/summer 2011:


Giuseppe Zanotti, 625€

Gianvito Rossi, 450€

Louis Vuitton


Alexandra Mcqueen


Christian Loubouton


So, if you take a look at these pictures, you can see, that the trend from this season is multi-faceted. You can wear very high high heels in different colours. Very cool are shoes in pastel-colours or in orange-red-pink tones with interesting, decorated heels or with big flower, but a minimalist shoe, like the one from Christian Loubouton is also amazing. Which one is your favourite one?


  1. Beautiful! I love them all!

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  2. I will take a look at your blog! What about following each other? :)