Monday, April 11, 2011

H&M charity collection

H&M designed a charity collection against AIDS. Many celebrities are modeling in the shots for the new clothes, for example Selma Blair, Keri Hilson or Sky Ferreira.

I think, it was a very good step from H&M to do a charity-project, because it's really important, that the big fabrics, companies, labels, whatever, who own much money, help for others who've got problems in their life. Because, who else should do it? Who else should or could spend enough money for those who need it? Of course there are a lot of people who spend lots of money on charity, but the biggest part of the money is in big world-famous fabrics, companies and labels! So, I think H&M did, what every label should do!

Selma Blair
It's another question, if I would wear the clothes of the collection. What I really like is, the beautiful colour tones of the clothes. The light, vanilla, beige, white and olive tones make the dresses calm. If I look at them I feel myself in nature. But it's not a "safari-feeling-cellection", although the colours are beige, olive, but more a feeling, like I would go for a walk in a wonderful garden in the summer. 
The textures are very simple, maybe too simple for me. They are good for a weekend-days, but I like to wear most of the the time more interesting, different-from-other clothes.
I don't like the prints too much, although this is a an AIDS campaign, but I think the designers weren't enough openminded. They concentrated too much on the theme instead of being more abstract.
So, I think, I would wear some of the clothes, for example the white pants, what is Selma Blair wearing, but I would wear those with other top and sweatshirt, so it would fit a little bit more to my style.

Keri Hilson
printed T-Shirts
Sky Ferreira
This is a good chance for you to be more active in charity, because if you buy from these clothes, your money will be given for people, who need help, and that's GOOD! And, you will also have a new dress in your wardrobe! I'm sure, I will buy something! And you?


  1. Belle belle collection!!! J aime H&M!!!
    Angela Donava

  2. Merci pour ton commentaire!! :))