Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi, you already know, that I absolutely LOVE Chanel. I was just looking for something on the internet, when I have found this picture. This picture is sooo lovely and cute! I just can't believe that there are some people in the world who do that cool things like this!!

And what do you think?! Do you also adore it??? At least, I hope, you like it. :))

Chanel Haute Couture

The Chanel Haute Couture spring/summer fashion show was ah-mazing!!!
It was on the 25th January in Pavillon Cambon-Capucines in Paris! So, the place was also very, very nice!!! This collection wasn't that orientationly like the previous, but on some of the clothes we could feel the interesting orient. There were a lots of black-white and gray-silver, also beige,white-silver colour-combinations.  But Lagerfeld worked the most with white and beige. Just a few dresses of the collection had flower musters, but they looked also soooo beautiful!!! The shoes were mostly flats, which were a perfect choose to the ethereal, beautiful textures.  A lot of clothes were made from Chanel-tweed as always. This collection was a very elegant and effeminate collection, what Karl Lagerfeld made until now. 
Now there are some pictures of the most beautiful dresses on the world:


Friday, January 28, 2011

10 outfits of spring/summer 2011

I made a list of 10 outfits which you should have in 2011 spring/summer if you want to follow the Fashion. :)

1. Colour-Blocking:

  • How to do: Mix very different colours, many colours (4,5.. different colours) and don't be afraid of strange combinations like red-purple or blue-green, orange-yellow.
  • Tip: Don't wear too much accessories.
  • Perfect for: a sunshiny day, when you want to experiment with your creativity.

2.  Muster-mix:

  • How to do: Mix different textures with different colours.
  • Tip: Wear not too much accessories.
  • Perfect for: a boring day, when you want to have fun.

3. Flowers:

  • How to do: Mix t-shirts, jackets... with flower musters with jeans, or if you are though, with other textures with flower musters.
  • Tip: Be careful with the muster, because if you are not, your outfit will look like your grandma's skirt.
  • Perfect on: a springy day, when you just want to be happy about your life.

4. Fruits:

  • How to do: Combinate textures with fruit musters.
  • Tip: Be careful with the texture, because if you are not, you will look like a table-cover.
  • Perfekt in: summer, when the weather is hot. When you will look at your dress, you will feel yourself fresh.

5. Minimalism:

  • How to do: Wear simply dresses in black, beige, white or gray. Wear not too much accessories.
  • Tip: Be careful with the cut, because this is the most important at simply dresses.
  • Perfect for: casual, but also for an elegant elegant evening.

6. Shorts: 

  • How to do: Wear shorts with t-shirt and jacket, or maybe with blues.
  • Tip: Be careful with the cut.
  • Perfect in: summer, when the weather is really hot.

7. Black:

  • How to do: Wear black every day, and your outfit will never look boring. You can combinate it with different accessories and shoes, and go in the same dress one time to the theatre, another time to a party. 
  • Tip: Don't be afraid of it, just because it's a "dark" colour. :))
  • Perfect: forever!!!!

8. White:

  • How to do: Mix different textures in white.
  • Tip: Be careful with the texture and the cut, because you can easily look in white like a dentist.
  • Perfect in: summer, when you have to be a lot on sunshine.

9. Orange:

  • How to do: Wear orange with other colours, or if you are though with orange.
  • Tip: Be careful with the cast of orange.
  • Perfect in: hot weather, in the city, when you wanna be trendy.

10. Blue:

  • How to do: Mix blue with colours of minimalism.
  • Tip: Be careful with the cast of blue.
  • Pefect on: a trip, on an island, or in an interesting city.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first spring/summer outfit

I already bought a new dress with accessories for spring/summer. I am sooo happy! It looks sooo cute!!!
And it is also today's fashion: ORANGE!!! (Betsey Johnson dress with pearls and Chanel no. 473 coromandel nail polish)

Emma Watson: old style vs. new style

You probably saw a lot of pictures from Emma Watson's new haircut. When I saw it first, I was really shocked!! I thought: OMG!! That was one of her big mistakes, what she did in her life!!! I thought: Her old haircut was sooo beautiful!!! But in the next moment when I really took stock of her new look, I just could say: WOW!! Because: this new haircut shows really how she is: she's got a lot of courage, she doesn't care what other people think about her and she is enough tough to try out new things!
I don't say that I like her new style, but I am really amazed at her life-style.
So, and here there are some photos of her new style. What do you think about it?



Emma Watson

The next celebrity, I have chosen, is Emma Watson. I want to find out much about her style and the way she thinks about fashion.

Emma Watson is one of the Harry-Potter-stars, which helped her to make a hit. But now, I didn't want to write about her acting career, but about her role in the fashion-world.
One of her most biggest activity in fashion was the autumn/winter 2009 and the spring/summer 2010 campaign by Burberry. Christopher Bailey Burberry's Chief Creative Officer chose her to be the face of the label.



Sorry, that I didn't write yesterday, but I was sick.
I just "discovered" the newest products from Clinique, the Clarifying Lotions. They are sooo great!!!!!
I am 14 years old, so my skin is a little bit oily. :( But these products helped me a lot!!


  • for skin type 1 (very dry) these products:

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Sample 1 oz.  Minimum purchase of $30.00 requiredLiquid Facial Soap Extra Mild 1 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 required; Clarifying Lotion 1 - 30ml 1.0 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 required

  • for skin type 2 (dry combination) these products:

Liquid Facial Soap Mild Sample 1 oz.  Minimum purchase of $30.00 requiredDramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion Sample 1 oz.  Minimum purchase of $30.00 requiredClarifying Lotion 2 - 30ml 1.0 oz.  Minimum purchase of $30.00 required

  • for skin type 3 (combination oily):

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Sample 1 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 requiredLiquid Facial Soap Oily Sample Clarifying Lotion 3 - 30ml 1.0 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 requiredClarifying Lotion 3 - 30ml 1.0 oz Minimum purchase of $30.00 required

  • for skin type 4 (oily) these products:

Clarifying Lotion 4 - 30ml 1.0 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 requiredDramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Sample 1 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 required; Liquid Facial Soap Oily Sample 1 oz. Minimum purchase of $30.00 required

More information:


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Náray Tamás

As you already know it, I'm from Hungary. So I know a lot of Hungarian designers, and I just can say, they make really, really nice clothes.  My favourite fashion designer is Náray Tamás! You probably didn't know who he is. So let me show some picture of the most beautiful dresses of the world.

Náray Tamás

So, do you like it? If yes, why don't you visit Hungary and collect some new clothes to your collection? ;)

You can see more information and photos on: /


Totally trendy and cool are in this season the shorts. I really love them because they are very comfortable in the summer, in hot weather.  Skinny girls with long legs are on velvet.

Shorts with muster is combined with a shirt in trendcolour orange by Peter Soms

My favourite one from this year: shorts made from Chanel-tweed by Chanel

Shorts with shirt in trendcolour orange by Sonia Rykiel

Perfect hair

The rules for the most beautiful hair:

  1. When you wash your hair, don't use hot water because if you do it your hair will be overused.
  2. Always use conditioner, so the bottom of your hair will stay longer healthy, fresh. 
  3. When you wash out the shampoo of your hair, use cold water, so dandruff will be also washed out.
  4. The egg mask makes the hair shiny. (ingredients: 1 vitellus, 10 g barm, 1 tablespoon honey; how to make: 1. mix the 3 ingredients, 2. put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours, 3. before you use it shuffle it one more time, 4. anoint the bottom of your hair, 5. after 30 minutes wash it out of your hair)
  5. When your hair is wet, comb it only very carefully.
  6. When you use the hairdryer, use a heat-protector-spray.
  7. Always use sunlight-protector. 

The result:                                          BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!!



Hong Kong Fashion Week

The Hong Kong Fashion Week ended two days ago. The clothes were very nice. There were also a lot of gonzo/tough dresses. I have found many pictures of these dresses:

Shoes by Chinese designer Guo Pei
Dress by Chinese designer Guo Pei
One of the strange dresses of Hong Kong Fashion Week

Tough dresse by designer Ameber Leung

Friday, January 21, 2011

Model photos

Hi, I have found some photos from models.  I picked four which are very different from each other: not only the clothes, also the models. My favourite is the first one because when I look at it, I feel myself, like I was on a luxus beach. I really like the colours of the dress! And the photo is also great!! Which one do you like the most?

Caroline Winberg for Valentino


Cintia Dicker for Face To Face


Shannan Click for Prada


Anouck Lepere for Hugo Boss


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion website

I love the website of Vogue!! You can see on it videos from fashion weeks, information about models, new trends, and you can also do a lot of quiz/test. I love it!!!!!!!!
I was doing a quiz when I have seen these picture. The make-up is sooo beautiful!!


If you wanna see more interesting fashion photos, fashion shows, if you wanna know the newest trends, watch this websides:  -
                                  - (German)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hong Kong labels

In Hong Kong are also many fashion designers. I found a label, the "FM Fashion Company Limited". In the first moment when  I saw a photo from their collection I thought: I love it! It is so different than other photos! I find it very interesting and special! I like the phone! XD


Monday, January 17, 2011

Make-up 2011

The borders of the new make-up trend is endless - at least in the question of the colours. You can use the most different colours for eye-shadow. But! The form is given! If you wanna be trendy, the best way to do it, is to make your eye-shadow in almond form.

Anne Hathaway quotes

I am planning to end my "Anne Hathaway" project. But before I do it, I have found two quotes from her, which conclude her opinion of fashion and job.

"I think that fashion can be a lot of fun. I love clothes, but I recognize that it should only be a hobby. Some clothes that are more design-based look better on women with figures like wire hangers, because that`s the nature of the design. I won`t wear those clothes."

"I've worked with people and I've known people that were really competitive but I've always said that I take an Elizabeth Bennett philosophy of life - I laugh. I love my job but if it means hurting someone I won't do it."


One of my favourite accessories are the pearls. I like the most the long necklaces which gave for a dress a natural harmony. They bring out the effeminate side of the women.


I like accessories because they are very attractive and they can make an outfit special. An outfit with accessories is like a christmas-tree - conspicuous, discrete, unique - but a christmas-tree without decoration is only a tree from the other thousand. Same is an outfit without accessories.

Nail polish

I love nail polish!! It is like an accessory, you can change them all the time and it refreshes your outfit.
I have already bought the new Chanel Riva light blue nail polish and it is wonderful!! The Chanel Black Pearl looks also really great! Orange is one of the new trend colours too.

Photos from Hong Kong

there are some photos from Hong Kong, which I made on the last weekend:

Many Chinese people like to wear skirt/dress with leggings.

They wear a lot of colour combinations...

...a lot of sweat-shirts....

... and bags and boots...

... or just a simply black dress.

They find the weather very cold, so also the dogs have to wear a dress!

But... yes, it is winter, but the sun shines, so they need something to protect their skin from it.

For Europians is the weather already hot. What will they wear in the summer?