Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 looks for spring 2011

Take your style with yourself, wherever you go. Five different places, five different time, five stylish look. I chose different situations and created wonderful looks, of course with the trends and must-haves for this season. I only picked clothes from three labels, H&M, Zara and Marks and Spencer, because these are located almost in every big cities all over the world.
I hope, I will help you with my ideas, so you can be stylish all the time!! :))

1. At school/work:

H&M white pants for 29,95€

Zara T-shirt for 29,95€

H&M flats for 7,95€

Marks and Spencer bag for 25£

TRENDS: white, muster-mix, flats, blue

2. In the city:

Zara sandals for 99,95€

H&M dress for 9,95€

Zara leather blazer for 99,95€

Zara bag for 79,95€

TRENDS: colour-blocking, orange, minimalism, leather, black

3. At the party:

Zara plateou shoes for 69,95€

H&M dress for 49,95€

H&M bracelet for 6,95€

TRENDS: plateou shoes, black and white 

4. On the beach:

H&M swimsuit for 20€

H&M maxi dress for 14,95€

Marks and Spencer hat for 15£

H&M sunglasses for 5,95€

H&M flip flops for 4,95€

TRENDS: oval swimsuit, maxi dress, flower prints, sunglasses with big frame, blue, white

5. At home:

H&M shorts for 14,95€

Zara T-shirt for 19,95€

TRENDS: shorts, fruit prints


  1. La robe est tres mignon!!! Biz;)
    Angela Donava