Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paper Passion by Karl Lagerfeld

You could think, there is a border, what designers can create and discover, but that's not true! Karl Lagerfeld created a new parfum, called Paper Passion, which has an aroma like printed books have. This sooo cool! I always smell the new books before I begin to read. And you know exactly, I think, that amazing, fresh and energetic smell of printed paper. I also like reading very much, so I'm sure, I will try this parfum!
Karl Lagerfeld created the new parfum, because he loves books, he has in his houses around the world more than 300.000 books. If he likes a book very much, he buys at least two pieces from it, so he can work with one, write in it and cut it. So, he thought, why couldn't he make a parfume, which contains the wonderful smell of books? 
I love this idea, and I think, this will be a big step in fashion-world and soon will appear similar products on the market.

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