Friday, April 22, 2011

New Magnum ice cream movie - directed by Karl Lagerfeld

Do you know, that Karl Lagerfeld is not only a very good fashion designer, but also a photographer and film director?? He is making the new advertising movie for the Magnum ice cream. Rachel Bilson is starring amazing in the film. 

I like the black dress the most, which fits to her hair-colour. I think, her hair-colour is very interesting and modern. Maybe more conservative people wouldn't like it, because it can look like somebody didn't have time to go to her hair-stylist to refresh the hair-colouring, but I think people have to be openminded to things like this, because fashion is like art, and sometimes things, which you would think will look horrible, can be at the end the most amazing! So, be openminded!

If you are interested you can watch here the trailer and the movie:



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