Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chinese models

China gets always more and more important in the world's history - but also in fashion's history!
One of the most famous models is Sui He, face of Ralph Lauren right now. made an interview with her an interview, where she said, she loves shooting, and maybe you wouldn't guess, she is always very nervous, when she has to walk down the runway.
She was also shooting for Vogue China with other chinese models like Du Juan, Shu Pei and Liu Wen.
Sui He's dream is to own one time a restaurant, because she loves all kind of foods - French, Italian and also Chinese. And of course, she wants to keep working in fashion industry. :)

Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld's fall campaign looks also amazing - and also a chinese model was modeling (with many other american, french models). Du Juan - who I mentioned before, when I wrote about the Vogue China shooting - was photographed by Lagerfeld. The designer said about chinese women, that "they are beautiful, educated and elegant, natural." He also thinks, that "today we have to remember, know and acknowledge, that China is important."

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