Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stella Tennant

Stella Tennant - it seems like all designers would be dying for a shot with her. Maybe it's because her aura is sooo amazing, what we can also see on the campaign photos, or she is not just a good model, but an intelligent woman and interesting person. Or maybe the always-changing-style is what everybody loves in her character. I don't know - but I think, many models would like to know her secret!!

If you are interested, what I think about her:
I think she is not just a good model, she is also such a good actor, and so she can bring all the shots, and the most important thing, the clothes, alive. Her aura is very strong, and I think she is also intelligent. I don't think, she is a-typical-beauty, because her face contour is very special and unique because of her short haircut and her brows. 
I'm not saying she is my favourite model, but I think, she is doing her job very well!! Do you like her??

At the end, here are some photos from her campaign shots from the 2011 s/s season:



 Reed Krakoff: