Thursday, March 31, 2011

Walk through Hong Kong

Hi, sorry, that I didn't write so long, but I had to study a lot.
Last week friends were here from Hungary and we walked a lot in Hong Kong. So, I thought, why don't I use the time, and make some photos for my next post. I only had my iPhone with me, but the quality of the pictures isn't that bad. First we went on the Peak, which is the highest point of Hong Kong. Tourists like it very much because of the nice view. Well, I think, is not the biggest attraction in HK, because the weather is almost always too humid, so I can't see many buildings, not even with my glasses... But it was ok. We went down to Central with a little train. One of the best part of my day was, when I saw the shots of the Chloé campaign at the station! It was good to see something, what has something(in this situation a lot) to do with fashion!

We just arrived in Central, when we met fashion again. A chinese girl in wedding dress stood in the middle of HK! I think, her dress was great, and also her make-up was nice. You know, many Chinese use skin-whitener products, and I like it, because it fits to their hair-colour. So, we were wondering how lovely she is, when our friend asked her to allow us to take a picture of her, and she immediately showed the symbol of peace with her fingers... I hate, when people are posing on pictures like this. It just makes me angry!!   

We, decided to go to the Lady's Market, which is in Mong Kok. To get there, we had to walk through the Hong Kong Park, which is very beautiful, full with trees, flowers and (!) you can see the high skyscrapers of HK from thereIt's an amazing feeling to watch the little fish swim in the lake, during you know, if you turn around, you will see an ultra-modern building! Here are some of these houses:

This is my favourite skyscraper, what I can see
from HK Park!! I love the design of it!

You see those two black points on the building?
They are cleaning the windows! Well, it will probably take a long time to clean all windows...

So, at the end we made a tour in Mong Kok. You can buy there a lot of thing from every kind of products. Here are two pictures from the buzzy street of Lady's Market to the end:

I hope, you didn't mind, that today I didn't write about fashion as much, but I thought, maybe you would be interested in HK and how living there is!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the street - Signs of spring

Bill Cunningham is an amazing american photographer. He is taking photos while he is biking. Recently he made some videos, on them he is speaking about the signs of fashion on the street with the help of his photos. He is visiting big cities and is taking many different pictures.

Watch this video, and I'm sure, you won't be able to wait until the weather turns warmer and you can wear your spring-collection!

The signs of spring - Paris
The signs of spring - New York

I love these videos, because I think, it's really true, what he tells about fashion. And the photos are also fabulous! If I watch them, I can almost feel the springy sun on my skin, the fantastic smell of the springy flowers, and I can hear the voice of the buzzy city! I'm spirited to go for a walk in a beautiful, light dress, like one of these:

Zara, 49,95€

Gap, 49,99$
Zara, 49,95€


Elizabeth Taylor died

Elizabeth Taylor, the famous actress died on the on 23rd March in Los Angeles! The reason of her death was heart failure.  She was 79 years old.

Elizabeth Taylor become with the movie "Cleopatra" really famous. Lots of people said, she was the most beautiful woman on the world. Here are two photos of her, when she was young:

I liked her style, because it was very elegant, always. Her hair was characterized her the most. She had big eyes and mouth, which made her feature absolutely effeminate. She had an atmosphere around her, what not so many woman had until now. She was a great actress and a fantastic character!!

With time, when she got older, she kept her elegant style, but she changed her hair. I liked her hair more, when she was younger, but it's true, that with this haircut she became inimitable!

If you are interested in her life, what she had done, what prices she won, watch this video:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez - prom style -pink trend

Do you know "clevverTV"?? I just found some videos from them on the youtube. If you are interested, watch it now here!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Watch this short video of Karl Lagerfeld about Hogan 2011/2012 fall/winter collection. It's really interesting and you can find out a lot of the new clothes!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Surrealist Ball 2011


If you want to cry, look at this pictures from the Surrealist Ball 2011!! This people debase fashion!!! I can't understand them! What is this good for? If somebody knows the answer, please tell me!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Live music in Hong Kong

Yesterday I was in Central in a bar with live music. It was amazing!! 
Everyday is Bobby Taylor singing. Bobby Taylor arranged for the Jackson 5 to audition for Motown Records who signed them on. So, he is a famous jazz singer.
Yesterday he was sick, so I could only enjoy his band, but they were also fantastic. 
Here is a video from the band. I will also make next time some videos, when Bobby Taylor will be singing. 

Do you like it? If yes, and you are living in Hong Kong, you can visit this bar every evening in Central on Wyndham Street. The place is called Skylark. For more information visit their website

Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales - The love story

You probably know, Kate Middleton is the fiancée of Prince William  of Wales. But I'm sure, you don't know how the love story began!

It was a nice day in 2002. The students of St. Andrews University were excited about the charity fashion show called Dont Walk. The show began. Models, who were the students of the university, in interesting, artistic clothes came on the runway. William, a student, also enjoyed the show. And suddenly, beautiful girl, in an extreme clothes appeared on the runway. The see-through dress caught the eyes of the young student in the first moment. In the next moment, he already knew, that the girl who was wearing the dress, is the one. He fell in love. And this was the beginning of their romance!

So, do you know who is William and who is the girl? ... They are Prince William and Kate Middleton.
It's a lovely love story and it's true. The dress was sold recently for 125,000$!

Kate Middleton is now one of the happiest woman on the world. She is soon marrying Prince William. I think, she didn't think on the runway on that day, that that dress will help her to become a wife of a prince!

And now, what is the teach of this story?? 

For Fashion, there's no impossible. Fashion can do wonder. Fashion can make people fall in love!! 

So, this is one more reason, why we have to love fashion!!

My tip to you:
If you want to marry a prince, organize a charity fashion show and walk on the runway in your favourite dress! Good luck!! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


In the British Vogue from April, there is an article about eyebrows. You should read the article, because it's fantastic, all the thoughts are true!
What I really liked is this thought:

"Brows should look like sisters - not twins, and never distant cousins,"

This is the truest idea of eyebrows. It's so simple, that everybody understand it, and it contains everything!! Sharon Dowsett is the brilliant make-up artist, who had this thought. After I read it, I really had to smile! Do you like it??

I liked this quote so much, that I made some "researches" on the youtube, and I found this. Watch it, and I'm sure you won't be able to end laughing! :))

New hair trend: middle-part

The absolutely new hair trend is the middle-part! Many of big labels used this trend on the runway, and also celebrities like it.
This hair was the character of the 70s. So, it's not a surprise, that not only the designers were inspired from this age, also the hairstylists.

Do I like it:
I like this hairtrend, but not for everyone. The face of many people looks like a potato, if they wear it. You doesn't believe? Well, look at these picture... Now, imagine the face of the celebrities would be a potato! See the difference, because I DON'T.

And! If you are tricky, you figured out, who shouldn't wear this hairtrend! .... So, you don't know it??
Both women on the pictures have got a long pony. Maybe they didn't have time to go to their hairstylist, or they just want to grow their pony, whatever. But what is important is, that their hair covers a part of their forehead, but their cheek. So, that's the reason, why the form of their face looks so "interesting"...
If you are clever, you won't wear middle-part with long pony!!

I told you now, who shouldn't wear a middle-part, and I also want to tell you, who should!
Women, who have a "long face" should wear this trend, because it makes the form of their face look more round, proportional. My favourite example is Jennifer Aniston. I love her middle-part and the whole haircut:

I would suggest to wear this hairtrend also for those, who have strong face contour, because this look will softer it. That's the reason, why the haircut of Kate Hudson looks so amazing:

My favourite middle-part on the runway was the design of Chanel, because it wasn't only a simple middle-part, it was something we didn't have seen before: the part was coloured black! It looked amazing and also fit to the foggy make-up and black-and-white-clothes:

If you are an absolutely trend-follower, this hair-style will belong to your outfit this season!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kate Winslet on cover of Vogue

What do you think, who is on this Vogue cover?

Of course you know, who is she, because you read the title... But honestly, if you wouldn't have seen the name, could you imagine, that this ultra-modern, stylish, cool and new person is Kate Winslet?? I'm just asking it, because I couldn't. I thought she is a new actor or singer, maybe a model in the celebrity-world, but I would never had the idea, that this is Kate Winslet!
There are advantages and disadvantages of her new style, but if you ask me what I think about it, I would say: Bingo! This new haircut and style fits exactly to her feature! 
What I like the most, is the contrast of the colour of her hair and the colour of her eyebrows. This is the main point of her new style. This contrast gives this modernity
Her  eyebrows looks also very natural. Of course her eyebrows are coloured and formed, but they still looks real! 
Her hair is fixed, but it has got a "free-movement", so the style doesn't looks too hard or sharp. And the cut is such an amazing work! I would like to meet her hairstylist!! Would you?

I saw her in a Calvin Klein dress, which, we know, is specified on minimalist, modern lines and simple colours. It looked exclusive, but I think, it was already too much of modernity. The extrem haircut and the strong lined dress made her look unreal
I would suggest her to wear more effeminate or more romantic clothes.

She could visit the shop of YSL, which is also minimalist and simple coloured, but it's more effeminate. 

The new collection of Mulberry would also be a good choice for her! 

Some of the clothes from the new Gucci collection are also imaginable to this look, because they are cool, so it would fit to her haircut.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The must-have for the next seasons: Hats

If you followed the fashion weeks, you should realize, that one of the biggest trends in the next seasons are going to be hats.
I like this new trend, because hats make women look stylish and luxurious. A good hat also make the feature look softer.

My favourite one was the new hat-design of Hermés. Those hats are basic of the collection!!
So, take a look at the picture:

This hat has got a very strong character! The clothes, with which you can combine it are given.  A cool and fierce, maybe fired atmosphere belongs to this outfit. The structure and contour are good visible, so we have a feeling, like the person, who wears the hat, would be precise, definite and determined. The end of the hat covers the eyes of the woman, so she looks mysterious and cryptic. The person, who wears that hat make people curious.

You should wear it like this:
! The hat should have the attention !
It's important, to wear not to extreme clothes, because the hat is already enough characteristic, so, you will look like a clown, if you aren't careful! Don't use too much accessories too. 

If you decided to wear a minimalist or cool outfit, you can look, which clothes pass to the hat the most.  Nice looks would be for example this two:

Minimalist and romantic chic for summer:

Marks and Spencer hat for 15£

H&M dress for 19,95€

Gap flats for 41,91$

Marks and Spencer handbag for 29,50£

Cool chic:
Zara hat for 19,95€

H&M blouse for 14,95€

Gap jeans for 79,50$

H&M high heels for 29,95€

Gap handbag for 49,99$

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blake Lively

Blake Lively, an actress and model celebrity gets recently a lot of attention, because she is the new face of Chanel. Now I want to analyze her style a little bit and find out as much about her as I can.

So, for beginning here is a picture of her:

Her style:

She is a typical american girl! She loves the new trends, glamour, gossip, everything with fashion!! She is not afraid for wearing interesting and exclusive clothes. She always wears the newest designs of luxurious labels. Just give in in google images search blake lively, and you will see a lot of photos, on which she is shown with a runway picture. Many people writes about looking a clothes on her or on the runway-girl better. Click here to see it with your own eyes. :)  

Her character:

If you just take a short look at the picture, you can see, she totally adores being in the middle of the attention!! She is smiling and standing there, like she would be one of the happiest people of the world. The way she is holding her hands says about her, that she likes to be a celebrity, but how she is holding her legs expresses, that of course she likes to have an attention, but she doesn't want to tell everything the whole world.

This is not her first year as a celebrity, we can see this in her smile: she already knows, how she has to smile and look in the camera to show her best side. If you take a look at more pictures from her, you will see, that her face expressions are similar on many pictures.

The way she is holding her legs, doesn't says only, that she doesn't want to tell us everything. It also shows, that she loves clothes, because also in this picture, she is playing with the texture. She wants to make people curious. So, this standing is perfect for her, because while she is making the people curious, she is telling us, that we don't know everything about her. And so she becomes more attention! :) 

My tip to her:

She should care a lot about her hair, because if she doesn't refresh her hair enough often, the end of her hair will look "old", not fresh.

⇒Blake Lively for Chanel⇒
New shots

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Michael Bublé

The Michael Bublé concert last night was amazing!! He was very kind, and he didn't just sing, he also spoke to the people.  He told "us", when he was young, he wanted to be Michael Jackson. He also sang a Michael Jackson-song, which was really good. And what was almost unbelievable, at the end, he sang a song without a microphone, and you have to know, the hall, where the concert was, is really big, there were about 3000 people. So it's very difficult, to sing as loud and good. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Dresses

Augusta Jones wedding dress collections

I like wedding dresses a lot, because those white "robes" make the women look ethereal and effeminate. But to find a very nice one, is a difficult "work". There are so many ugly and cheep dresses, that you have to spend a lot of time of this very important part of the wedding.

You could already hear about Augusta Jones wedding collections. The designer of this label is Charlotte Leung, who is living and working between London and Hong Kong. The first collection came out in 1999 and since then, the label has a lot of shops worldwide. ( shops in: United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Greece, USA, Canada, Australia)

The dresses are elegant, luxurious, special, unique, I think, a good choice for a wedding. Charlotte Leung's focus is on the style, and the modern designs.
Her work is often shown in popular magazines, like Cosmopolitan Bride, or In-Style Wedding.

For more information visit her homepage!