Friday, December 31, 2010

Style of a celebrity

I chose a celebrity for this two weeks. It is Anne Hathaway. I have chosen her, because I like her style and she also acted in one of my favourite movie, in the The devil wears the prada. To begin here is a picture of Anne:


I really like black because I can wear it with every other colours. You also look much skinnier in it. Black can be elegant, conservative, modern, stylish, cool... And... it is also today's fashion! So my tip to you: wear black!!! It is a nice colour!!

My first post

Hi, this is my first post. Today is the 31st December - so tomorrow is New Year!! Well, I hope it will be better than the last year!
I thought about what I could do and I am planning, I will photograph all my outfits in 2011. I will also make short videos from them with the titles January, February... The photos will help you to get know my looks, outfits better.
Another project: Every week I will photograph some Chinese people and compare, contrast them with european and american people's style.
I am also planning to choose every two week or every month a celebrity and find out about her/his style as much as I can.
I also want to give you information about CHANEL, my favourite fashion business. (information like where was the last dress-show, how it was...)
I will also write down my opinion about today's fashion.