Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to decorate your room for summer 2011


2)  SANELA for 9,99€ (red)
3) IRMA for 0,79€
4) SANELA for 7,99€ (blue)

Good bedclothes with nice 
pillows gives the harmonic 
atmosphere for your 

If the bedclothes is full
with musters, the best is, 
you choose simple, 
one-coloured pillows!

The colours of the pillows
should fit to the colour of
the bedclothes!

I: Your bed

1) Ikea bedclothes RENATE BLOM for 12,99€:

Pillows from Ikea:



II: Your desk

Never work without good lightening at your desk!
5) Ikea table lamp SUNNAN for 14,99€

Stay stylish while doing your work at your desk. You can choose from these lamps in your favourite colour, or which fits the most to your bedclothes colour!


6) A little romantic: candle on your desk!

Ikea candle TINDRA for 1,79€

7) Ikea vase BLADET for 7,99

Bring the nature in your room! Trust me, it will feel good, to see some flowers around you and not just electric products! Go to the flowermarket and buy some flower, which you can put in a modern and stylish vase like this!

8) Ikea clock NOJS for 12,99€

Never be late! Put this designer clock on your desk, so you can always check the time! You can use it also like an alarm clock. :)

III. Design your wall


Don't let the wall untouched! Some pictures look always cool. You can buy some nice frames and put pictures from your family, friends, holidays, ..., in it!


9)Ikea frame VIRSERUM for 14,99€
10)Ikea frame VIRSERUM for 17,99€
11)Ikea frame VIRSERUM for 8,99€

IV: At the end the floor

12) Ikea carpet ADUM for 89,00€

Don't forget the carpet. A good carpet can make your room friendlier and warmer!

I hope I could help with these room decoration ideas. All products are from Ikea, which you can find worldwide and it's also not too expensive.

Remember: if you like fashion, don't just always think about clothes! Room decoration is also a type of fashion. And it improves your designing talent!


  1. I love Ikea! All the accesories, the furnitures and ideas that i found there, were amazing! All my room is decorated with Ikea's accesories and I really love it! I have also dedicated a post to it!
    This post is very nice! You had a nice idea!
    Bye Bye,

  2. Thank's for your comment!! :) I also like Ikea!