Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 tips for the perfect and healthy skin in summer

Only a few month, and summer will begin!!!! HURRA!! I love summer, and not only because I've got holidays, also because the weather is sooo wonderful and you can wear those light, airy dresses!!
But! Sun can be dangerous in summer!! Labels are not only advertising their sun protection products to get more money, it's really important to use them. 
I collected the 8 most important tips for summer, which if you will use, your skin will look perfect and will be healthy also in next fall.

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1.  Use sunscreens every day!
The easiest way to protect your skin from high UV levels, is using sunscreens (it's available in different forms like creams, gels, lotions,...) every day. The most comfortable is, if you use it before you dress up (if you have a shower every morning, then after it). 
The only thing, what is bad about using sunscreens is, that if you immediately dress up after using it, some of the products can colour your dress yellow. The worst is, if you wear white!! So, be careful and leave some time the screen to work itself off.

One of my favourite products are from Neutrogena, so I would suggest you to try their suncream:

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2. Don't forget your face!
Do you know which part of your body gets the biggest part of sunshine? Your face. So, take care of it and use sunscreens for your face. Also, if you wear every day make-up, it's necessary to use suncream. You can use it 20-30 minutes before you do your make-up, so it will have time to work itself off.
If you like the suncream for body from Neutrogena, you can also buy it for your face:

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3. At the see ⎯ the biggest danger!

Many think, that if you are swimming in the water of a lake, you don't need sunscreens. That's the biggest lie I ever heard! Just think about it: on the beach there are no trees, which would have shadow. The water also allures light. So, if you are swimming or maybe sailing, have an extremely high attention of skincare! The best is, if you use waterproof sunscreens:

4. Sunscreens = 100% protection?? ⇒ NO 
If you use sunscreens all the time, it doesn't mean you've got 100% protection. But, if you avoid sun from 11am to 3pm, then your skin will be perfectly safe. If you have to be outside in this timezone, try to be in shadow most of the time.

5. It's not too hot? Perfect time to sun yourself! ⎯ NO WAY!!!
Don't be silly. Everybody knows, that the hight of the UV level doesn't depend on the heat! So, even if it's not too warm, don't sit on the sun for more than 20-30 minutes!

6. Defecate light ➡ good chance for high UV level
You should also know, that even if it's defecate light, it means, the sun doesn't shine directly, because the clouds are catching the sunshines, the UV level can be very high. Also on days like this think of using sunscreens.

7. Sport & Sleep:
For the skin is sport and sleep in summer very important. But, be careful with doing sports (like running, playing tennis,...)! Only do it before 9.30am and only after 6pm, because the other times it's too hot (swimming is an exception) and you won't be healthier, if you will collapse after doing sport, because it will be so hot for you. But also don't forget doing sports, because your body and skin needs it, because the body gets easily tired and the skin looks easily stressed in the hot weather.  
Sleep is also important for your skin in summer, because until you sleep, it has time to regenerate, and this is what you need in the dry and hot weather. Try to sleep 8-9 hours each night and a "fiesta" after lunch is also a good way to help your skin look amazing!

8. Water + Fruits + Vegetables = healthy skin
Well, a little maths, but I think it's easy to check, and very important to observe! These three things, water, fruits and vegetables are what you need, especially in summer. These are light and much better than heavy food, because heavy food can make you feel tired in hot weather. So, drink every day at least 2 liter water, eat a lot of fruits with different vitamins and also use as main product for your breakfast, lunch and dinner vegetables. It's like that simple, and your skin will look totally healthy. 

I hope, my tips help you to take care of your skin this season and you will be able to enjoy summer without problems with your skin. I just can suggest you try these tips, because I also do them, and my skin looks in summer as healthy as in other parts in the year!

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