Monday, December 26, 2011

Inés de la Fressange- style icon - "la Parisienne chic"

Hi Everyone,
merry Xmas!!! Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

I've just got the book, I wanted since a long time. It's called "Parisian chic" from Inés de la Fressange. If you only look at the design, you see, that THIS is the book you always wanted!! Which you can take out off your bag in a cafeteria, and I promise, everybody will want it!!
So, and if you start reading... I just LOVE the style of Inés!! She writes with a little irony and sarcasm - the perfect way to get that parisian feeling!!
So, if you are lucky to be able to buy it, don't wait!!! And if you already have it, well, I'm sure you have it in "the big tote bag"!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - Model of the week - Moa

The name of this week's model on is Moa, the interesting swedish girl. She looks definitely  high-fashioned, but do you know how old she is? Only 15! I think, it's very good, that she is so doing so well so young, but she also looks in the shoots like her age, which is not always the best, I think. However, her bonestructure is amazing, and I'm sure she'll do great!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MOMA Film Benefit - people watching

On the 17. of November the Museum of Modern Arts Film Benefit took for the 4th time place. All the important people of fashion world were there - well, the two most important for me surely: Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour both walked the red carpet at the tribute to Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar included Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Chloé Moretz, Miranda Kerr, Lara Stone and many more...
I've chosen some shots to show you what they wore at the event. The background of the red carpet is just lovely, artistic and very decorative!! Do you like it?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazing photo shoot by German Vogue

Hi, Everybody!
I'm so happy, it's winter!! I like it much more, than summer, because we can even wear more amazing clothes. It just feels so good, step out the door at a cold, snowy winter day in high heeled boots (you know, the funniest thing is going down to the school from the car park in these slippery boots, which is just like - well, almost - I would walk down a ski-truck covered with ice... ), wearing an amazing coat and carrying a fury bag, while seeing all the trees decorated for Christmas, covered with snow and hearing the buzzy noise of the city on a usual day. Love it!

It looks like, the must-haves for this winter are going to be leather and lace. German Vogue is one of those, who made a photo shoot with the best pieces of designers collections. The photos are mostly black and white, they just look very artistic and extravagant.

 Also balett dancing AND clothing is having a big importance nowadays. After the Oscar winning "Black swan" and many articles about ballerinas (f.e.: one of the TeenVogue issues this fall), I'm not surprised. 
I'm really happy about it, because I also dance, and I think it's an amazing, complex and difficult sort of arts!


Do you know the song "Leather and lace"? :)))

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gucci Museum

Happy 90th anniversary, dear GUCCI!!
Everybody who loves this label SHOULD be now in Florence!! The Gucci Museum has just opened and it's documenting the label's whole history - since the grandmother's time. That means, lots of wonderful historical dresses and bags, which created Gucci The image, for which we love it so much!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New Phillip Lim collection for women 2011 F/W

The pastel coloured pieces with the glamorous parts have a sporty, but cosmopolitan effect. The interesting cuts of the coats and the pants fit perfectly for the boy-meets-girl-trend. The ad movie for this collection is perfect to make people feel the atmosphere of the clothes. 


Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding of a stylist

When I first saw this photo, I thought it would be a photo shooting for a magazine - but it was not! This Gareth Pugh gown was worn by Katie Shillingford, a stylist. I'm sure she has a unique style, and she probably doesn't cares what others think. This gown would perfectly fit for a gothic shooting, because it looks like an art creation. But I wouldn't wear it for a wedding - especially not with pink hair....

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chinese models

China gets always more and more important in the world's history - but also in fashion's history!
One of the most famous models is Sui He, face of Ralph Lauren right now. made an interview with her an interview, where she said, she loves shooting, and maybe you wouldn't guess, she is always very nervous, when she has to walk down the runway.
She was also shooting for Vogue China with other chinese models like Du Juan, Shu Pei and Liu Wen.
Sui He's dream is to own one time a restaurant, because she loves all kind of foods - French, Italian and also Chinese. And of course, she wants to keep working in fashion industry. :)

Hogan by Karl Lagerfeld's fall campaign looks also amazing - and also a chinese model was modeling (with many other american, french models). Du Juan - who I mentioned before, when I wrote about the Vogue China shooting - was photographed by Lagerfeld. The designer said about chinese women, that "they are beautiful, educated and elegant, natural." He also thinks, that "today we have to remember, know and acknowledge, that China is important."

Lily Allen's wedding dress by Karl Lagerfeld

Did you know that Karl Lagerfeld is designing the wedding dress of Lily Allen??
It looks amazing! I'm sure Lily is very happy with it! :)
Here's the sketch of it made by Lagerfeld and Lily photographed in the dreamful white dress:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Melinda Rader

I don't know, if you know, but I really like it! I especially like Daily Duo, where you can find posts about upcomer models. It's really interesting to see, which of these girls will create their career in this industry.
So I decided to post about these models and choose my favourite photos!

Melinda Rader is from the USA and is 179cm tall. I love her bonestructur, but her eyes and eyebrows don't impress me too much. People say, she is doing already good, although she is only since a few month in the competition.

Love this photo! The lights, the expression - very professional!

I don't like the hell eyebrows on that picture, it gives back the feeling of this style!

Nice photo! I like her attitude!


Fall/Winter 2011 - All trends

Watching all the fashion shows is just the beginning of informing yourself about the new trends. The next step is, making a list of the main lines of that season. So, after all the shows fall/winter 2011/2012, maybe the trend lines aren't enough clear for you. Here is a list with the top 10 trends, so you can go immediately AND easily shopping. :))

1) Strict elegance 

Classic, but edgy cuts and hard textures, determinate colours and strict hairstyles. The wide sleeves are also characteristic for this elegant, but strict style.

Best examples:


Louis Vuitton

2) Boyish chic

You will find a lot boyish coats, tails, dark-coloured pants in the shop. The boy-meets-girl look is one of the main lines this winter!

Best Examples:



3) Black

It looks like it will never go out of fashion - black appeared in most of the collection also this season.

Best examples:


Emporio Armani

4) Red

An intense colour, which has a bright palette,  from which we can choose. After the summer-trend orange, the autumnal colour will fill us up with energy.

Best examples:


Bottega Venata

5) Coats of the Sixties

The typical cut of the 60s is back - at least in the question of coats. Characteristic are also bright colours.

Best examples:


Jil Sander

6) Patterned clothes

The spring/summer trends don't end. We could see lots of patterned designs in the collactions.

Best examples:




Winter is cold - if you want to stay warm, the best way is wearing a fur. 

Best examples:



Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to create your own books?

It's almost fall, that means summer ends, work begins. To not to be bored the whole fall-winter-spring-period, I figured out, how I can design my own books. :)
It's very easy and looks amazing!

I made lots of different collages on my books. The good at this is, that each looks very unique, each has a special feeling, a speciality. It is sure, that a collagist's work is very interesting!

So, first of all, you have to buy some exercises books, for example like this:

Then collect some new/old magazines like Vogue or Bazaar:

Cut out the pictures you want to use for the collage:

Make the design of the collage (first the design, only AFTER it the use of glue):

The last step - glue the pictures together:

And..... it looks like this (for example). Great, isn't it?

If you don't want the backsite of the book blankly, you can choose a A/4 picture from a magazine and glue it on it:

I made a lot of these books, also for a present! They were very effective, so you could also try it! :))

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Hi, sorry, I didn't write for a few days, but I didn't have internet.

The Chanel Haute Couter show was a few days ago, and as always it was wonderful!!!!!

The show was again in Grand Palais in Paris and I am always amused, how many and great ideas the people, who work for Chanel have. Each show is different, but has the same style, same feeling of high fashion. When I first saw the set, I had the feeling I'm under stellar sky at a place in Paris with beautiful houses - as always.

Can't write how beautiful all the dresses of the collection were. The design of the coats were very unique, the downer part was made of an amazing cut. The skirts were pretty narrow, it was sure very hard for the models to walk without any mistakes on the catwalk... The long dresses brought me in another world, which has a unique charm and elegance, with the feeling of a little romance.

Two words - hats and boots.
These hatdesigns were a new milestone in question of fashion. I'm sure, many ( worse labels than Chanel) labels will follow suit it.
The boots were very classy. I love leather, when it is so thin like cotton and if it feels like silk. :)

If somebody had photographed the face of the models, it would have been looked like a painting. Although black make-up is not the most natural one, Peter Philips did a great work again. The black eye shadow, white powder and that beautiful lace on the eyes made the models look like young women from the time of Coco Chanel. I have to try it one time!

End of the show:
When you think, they can't  do anything more, so you would admire it even more, then they do something unbelievable - yeah, that's Chanel. The idea with lighting shoes was perfect, so the whole show was underlined!

My favourite look:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fashion in Hungary

Fashion in Hungary in summer is as multi-faceted as in every place on the world. 
I already wrote about Náray Tamás, who is one of the most important people in hungarian fashion, and he just presented his spring/summer 2011 collection in Budapest. I love the new clothes of this collection. 
My favourites are the white dresses, which are a combination of elegance and summer cruise, with a little glamourous chic and modernity. 
He played a lot with patterns. These pieces are for people, who like to have attention!  
The blazers had a wonderful cut and I can imagine, wearing them onetime just in the city, and the other time at an elegant event! 
The long summer dresses in pastel colours looked fabulous, they will never be out of fashion!!

What I especially loved, was the choreography at the second part. Maybe you don't know, but later on I would also like to do choreographies. I think, a good fashion show contains not only good dresses of a wonderful collection, but a very good presentation, what absolutely influences the effect, impression of the clothes on the people!! A good presentation should contain a very good choreography, which is heightened with sound and light effects. The choreography should be presented by the models naturally and effective, what means, the models should know the whole show perfectly. This harmony of different effects should motivate the people to buy the dresses of a collection!

If you are interested in the fashion show, you can watch it here, right now:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charlene and Prince Albert - the wedding

Charlene and Prince Albert are now "wife and men". The wedding just finished a few hours ago. Charlene's Armani dress looked amazing, it fit for her perfectly, it was not too much, it was very good for a royal wedding.

And now the question, which would and will probably many people ask after two royal weddings: Was Kate Middleton's or Charlene's wedding dress better??

My opinion is, that Charlene's dress was much better than Kate's dress. Kate's dress was too conservative and I think, uncomfortable because of its length. Of course, it also looked nice, I liked the material, but Charlene looked like a real princess, and that was only because the dress made look her like one!! The cut was fantastic and the conservative pattern was at least as decorative, as a bracelet would have been!! 

That's my opinion. What is yours?? Which dress do you like more and why?