Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fashion and photography festival in Hyeres

Every year, there is a festival in Hyeres, a small south-france town, for young fashion designer and photographer talents. 10 young people are chosen each year, and have the chance to win 15.000€, and of course a more powerful name. The festival will begin on the 29. April. There will took a lot of fashion shows and events place. The members of the jury are for example designer Christopher Kane or Jil Sander-director Raf Simons.

I find this festival very interesting, and I think it's very important, that also young designers get chance to break into the fashion-world!! The place, where it is, is also wonderful (I love France)!
I'm very curious, how the fashion shows are gonna be and I can't wait to see the collections of the young talents.

If you are also interested in this festival, you should check my blog after the shows, because I'm sure, I will write many times about what is happening there!


  1. Sounds really cool! France is my second home :)

  2. Wow! C'est tres interessant!!!

    Angela Donava