Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A list for travellers - beauty

Hi, I just came back from school camp, and I thought I could write you a list, what is important to put in your bag, for example in question of beauty, clothes, or anything else. 
Today I'm gonna make the list for "beauty", I will write you the 25 most important products, which you should always have with you, when you are traveling!

  • Hair:
  1. hair brush
  2. hair shampoo
  3. hair conditioner
  4. hair drier
  5. hairgrip and hair ring
  6. hair spray
  • Skin:

  1. face wash
  2. moisturizer
  3. body lotion
  4. hand lotion
  5. face mask
  • Make-up:

  1. mascara
  2. eye liner
  3. lip gloss
  4. rouge
  5. eye shadow
  6. powder
  7. highlighter
  8. make-up remover
  • Nails:
  1. nail polish
  2. nail scissors
  3. nail polish remover
  • Others:
  1. toothbrush
  2. toothpaste
  3. parfum 
When I'm traveling, I've always got these things in my beauty bag. I hope, I could help you with this list, and it will be easier for you to get ready for your next travel.
If you would like, I could also make a list, what kind of clothes you should take with yourself, when you go on a see-holiday or city-tour. Would you like it? 

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