Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunglasses trends 2011

I think, it's time to write about the sunglasses trends 2011. Spring is already here, so you really have to buy a sunglasses for 2011 urgently. But what kind of sunglasses should you buy? Well, that's a difficult question, if you don't know the latest trends. :) So, I just can suggest you, to read my post and find out what is in for this season!!

Take a quick look at the new sunglasses models of the big labels, and you can say it in the first second, what are this season's trends:


The Prada collection is the best example for the new trend:

The glasses are stylish and made with a lot of fantasy. 
The most important thing this season: the frame of the glasses has to have the attention.


  1. I love sunglasses! :)