Friday, April 15, 2011


I was yesterday at the cinema and I saw Beastly!! :) It was so sweet! It's the new version of the Beauty and the beast

Some people don't like that kind of movies, because they say, they are typical romantic "hollywood movies", but I don't agree with those people. I think, many just say it, because they wanna look serious and professional, like somebody, who really knows everything about making movies, but I'm not sure, that many of these people are even thinking about their opinion, or they just say what other say. Mostly, there's is one "cool" person, who says it's a bad film, and then the others, without thinking, agree with him. I think this is really bad. Everybody should think by herself!
Maybe, you think, these movies are always the same and boring, there's always a "happy ending", but who want to watch movies, after those you are sad or scared? Of course there are many very good movies, which haven't got a happy ending, but I still love these "hollywood productions"!!!

Here's the trailer of Beastly. Watch, and if you liked it, go to the cinema!


  1. Nice post and very true ;) I'm seeing this in a few days can't wait!
    Love Lielaa x

  2. I'm sure, you will love this movie!! :)