Friday, April 22, 2011

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon in the middle of attention - her new movie, called Water for Elephants comes out on the 5th of May. She is starring with Robert Pattinson in that romantic movie, which is filled up with acrobatic elements. Witherspoon had to take acrobatic training lessons before the movie and had to learn to work with elephants.

 Whatever, she is today's America's muse and is appearing on the cover of magazines like VogueGlamour and Elle.
I like her effeminate-style, I think she looks in red dress with red rouge and curly hear the best!
The director of the movie France Lawrence says, Witherspoon is "a timeless beauty".

Lawrence notes: “She [Witherspoon] loves animals and has no fear of trying anything. [But] also, Marlena is a bit tough and hardened. She isn’t a victim and Reese… she is very strong.”

I loved the shots for Vogue the most, because Witherspoon is photographed with the elephant of the movie. The pictures are really romantic, like pics from a a fairytale. Here is a behind-the-scenes-movie:

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