Sunday, May 29, 2011

Victoria Beckham's 2011 lookbook

Have you already heard about the Alicia Greczyn skinny jeans? These are a part from the new 2011 Victoria Beckham collection. And the name? Alicia Greczyn is the face of her new campaign. Victoria Beckham chose her on a beach party in Malibu. One thing is sure: the career of this actress will surly rise with this job!!
Here are some shots of the collection. If you would like to buy them, go to or shop at Bergdorf Goodman!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maroon5 concert live in Hong Kong

On the 21st of May I was on the Maroon5 concert in Hong Kong. It was amazing! They played very good, the atmosphere was in the first second perfect. The singer has a beautiful voice, and the others in the group are also amazing. One thing is sure: Maroon5 is my n1 favourite singer group on the world!!
Here is a video of them:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kate Moss - photo exhibition

The Dior Addict was her latest campaign, but if someone would like to count for how many labels did Kate Moss modeling, it would be almost impossible.
Many people don't like her, I also wouldn't say, that she is in my top 10 models list, but it's a fact, that she is one of the biggest model-icons until now! She has one of the best careers in fashion-world, and she is still active!

In Paris, in Galerie L'Instant, there is a photo exhibition at this time. The best photos of Kate Moss are collected and showed people from around the world. Here are my favourite 3  photos. On each photo, she looks a little different than on the most of the photos:

1) Juliette Butler 1995 - I love that moment, when the photo was taken. You can feel, that everybody was busy and wanted to bring out the best of his work. All the moves and blinks are mirroring, what is happening around them.

2) Rankin 2005 - I like the colours of this picture, it would fit in a hairstylist magazine. Kate Moss' eyes looking so deeply, like she would be able to look into you. 

3) Paolo Roversi 1993 - this photo is different than the others. Kate Moss looks very young, well, this was taken in 1993, but she is even looking younger. Her face contour is good visible, which is even enhanced by the black-white effect. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chanel Cruise 2011/2012 - celebrity watch

Many celebrities were invited for the Chanel 2011/2012 Cruise show in Antibes. The guests were dressed in beautiful dresses, mostly in Chanel. Here are the top 8 looks:

Blake Lively (new face of Coco Mademoiselle Handbag) wore black-and-white - perfect for a Chanel show!! Of course, she decided to wear high heels, so her legs look even longer in this mini. Tip: Blake Lively wore pale shoes, so the dress can catch our eyes. If you would also like, that  the dress has the attention, wear shoes, which have a paler colour than the dress!
Vanessa Paradis (singing Daydream, the new song for the Coco Rouge movie) wore a balck maxi. She chose beige accessories. Tip: To make an outfit interesting, learn from Vanessa: she used red rouge and red nail polish. 
Rachel Bilson decided to wear a cool and simple outfit. Black shorts and blazers with a white T-Shirt. You can wear this combination all the time. You just have to combine it with shoes and a handbag, which fits to the event. Tip: Rachel's blazer and T-Shirt had a long cut and she wore high heels - remember this trick, if you want your legs look longer and skinnier!
Alexa Chung wore a beautiful maxi in summer-colour. With the casual hair and high heel with bows, she looked like a princess. Tip: You don't have to do much, to look wonderful. Sometimes, it's just enough to find a dress, which perfectly fits to your character. 
Clémence Poésy came already in the main-colour of the new Chanel collection: she wore a yellow mini. Tip: Yellow can look amazing on blond girls - you just have to find the good colour-tone like Clémence did. It looks nice, if your hair is a little darker than your dress.
Anna Mouglalis wore a black mini, which had an interesting cut. Tip: To a dress like this, never wear a necklace. If you want to make your outfit more interesting, make a nice hair design. A bun is always a good idea, so the unique cut of the dress will be more dominant. 

Which dress do you like the most? My favourite is the dress of Alexa Chung. She looks in it natural and stylish at the same time. She is a real beauty!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chanel Cruise 2011/2012

The Chanel Cruise 2011/2012 show was amazing!! It was hold on the 9th May in Antibes, in Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

The place:
I loved the place, where the show was hold, because it really reminded me on summer. It was perfect for a Cruise collection! The beach umbrellas, under which the guests sat, gave us a romantic feeling. 

The collection:
The colours of the collection were fresh, we could see a lots of yellow. But I think, this collection was one of the classic ones, with effiminate cuts, black-and-white and beautiful materials.
Karl Lagerfeld designed a lot of midis with a very tight cut, we could also see some maxis, this seasons favourite. I loved especially the bodies and shorts with the blazers.

The specialities of the collection:

  • Shoes: nobody ever designed shoes like this before! They were modern and classic at the same time. One thing is sure: you should only wear those boots, if you aren't afraid of cutting a dash!
  • Handbags: the handbags were also very special. My favourite was the oblong handbag. 
  • Hats: the hats will probably characterize this collection. A typical Chanel design!

The models:
  • Make-up: the make-up of the models were very natural. A little bronze-effect and the eyeshadow of the Summer 2011 collection was used. 
  • Hair: like the make-up, the hair was also natural. The casual ponytails affected a unique and stylish chic.  

If you would like to watch the whole fashion show click here!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hungarian singer of Eurovision Festival 2011

Hi, the Eurovision Festival 2011 is almost here. It will be in Germany, in Düsseldorf. Many people say, that one of the biggest chance to win has the hungarian singer, Kati Wolf. I would be very, if she would win, because you know, I'm a Hungarian! I like her song very much, it reminds me on a Celine Dion or maybe a Cascada song. If you are interested watch the music video (and don't forget vote for her on the Festival!!!) :

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hyeres 2011 awards - the designers

Sorry, that I didn't write as long, but I had to do a lot of things.
So now, I will write about what was going on in Hyeres, who were the winners and who were the designers who competed.

So first, here are the 10 designers, who "competed":

1) Juliette Alleaume and Marie Vial - France
  • collection's theme: scarecrow
  • collection characters: spontaneity, experimentation and  reflection upon the human form and futuristic idols

2) Mads Dinesen - Denmark
  • collection's theme: colonial memory of his home country, Denmark
  • collection characters: spirit world, understanding the history and personal connection to the historical elements 

3) Michael Kampe - Germany
  • collection's theme: menswear
  • collection characters: designs against the rules of menswear, wearable art and couture and changes of society 

4) Maryam Kordbacheh - Netherlands
  • collection's theme: organic formation of natural world
  • collection characters: simplicity and handcraft 

5) Oriane Lecrecq - Belgium
  • collection's theme: surface, appearance and fascination for smoothness
  • collection characters: synthetic materials, shiny textures and shape of the body 

6) Janosch Mallwitz - Germany 
  • collection's theme: youth and identity 
  • collection characters: characters of outfits of American high school and graduation ceremony  

7) Émilie Meldem - Switzerland
  • collection's theme: native Switzerland
  • collection characters: connection between tradition and modernity, restriction and freedom, fragility and strength 

8) Céline Méteil - France
  • collection's theme: muslin, the natural texture
  • collection characters: floated  and structured muslin-dresses 

9) Oda Pausma - Netherlands
  • collection's theme: vanished love
  • collection characters: black silhouettes, leather, structured lines and a melancholic feeling 

10) Léa Peckre - France
  • collection's theme: cemeteries
  • collection characters: translation of the world with structured shapes and the colours of the harshness of the tombstones 

The commonality of the collections is very clear: each designer had a connection to nature, humanity, the way of being a human. I think nowadays it's very important to show people, for example through arts or fashion, how should our connection to nature be, and how important it is, where we come from, which traditions we have and how all these things are appearing in our life today.   
Fashion designing is a perfect way to make people pay an attention on our ambience, our environment. Through the textures and materials, but also through inspirations and ideas designers can give a good example how the balance in our world should be.

My favourite: Émilie Meldem from Switzerland - I loved the way she presented the native Switzerland, through the interesting textures and light colours. The shapes mirrored the contrasts between tradition and modernity, restriction and freedom, fragility and strength. These shapes made this collection to my favourite one!

The winners:
Special Prize: Émilie Meldem
Premiere Vision Prize: Céline Méteil
Jury Prize: Léa Peckre

Whose collection do you like the most? 
I will also write about the photographers, if you are interested. :)

If you would like to know more about these young, talented designers, watch this video: