Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - Model of the week - Moa

The name of this week's model on is Moa, the interesting swedish girl. She looks definitely  high-fashioned, but do you know how old she is? Only 15! I think, it's very good, that she is so doing so well so young, but she also looks in the shoots like her age, which is not always the best, I think. However, her bonestructure is amazing, and I'm sure she'll do great!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MOMA Film Benefit - people watching

On the 17. of November the Museum of Modern Arts Film Benefit took for the 4th time place. All the important people of fashion world were there - well, the two most important for me surely: Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour both walked the red carpet at the tribute to Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar included Blake Lively, Emma Stone, Chloé Moretz, Miranda Kerr, Lara Stone and many more...
I've chosen some shots to show you what they wore at the event. The background of the red carpet is just lovely, artistic and very decorative!! Do you like it?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazing photo shoot by German Vogue

Hi, Everybody!
I'm so happy, it's winter!! I like it much more, than summer, because we can even wear more amazing clothes. It just feels so good, step out the door at a cold, snowy winter day in high heeled boots (you know, the funniest thing is going down to the school from the car park in these slippery boots, which is just like - well, almost - I would walk down a ski-truck covered with ice... ), wearing an amazing coat and carrying a fury bag, while seeing all the trees decorated for Christmas, covered with snow and hearing the buzzy noise of the city on a usual day. Love it!

It looks like, the must-haves for this winter are going to be leather and lace. German Vogue is one of those, who made a photo shoot with the best pieces of designers collections. The photos are mostly black and white, they just look very artistic and extravagant.

 Also balett dancing AND clothing is having a big importance nowadays. After the Oscar winning "Black swan" and many articles about ballerinas (f.e.: one of the TeenVogue issues this fall), I'm not surprised. 
I'm really happy about it, because I also dance, and I think it's an amazing, complex and difficult sort of arts!


Do you know the song "Leather and lace"? :)))

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gucci Museum

Happy 90th anniversary, dear GUCCI!!
Everybody who loves this label SHOULD be now in Florence!! The Gucci Museum has just opened and it's documenting the label's whole history - since the grandmother's time. That means, lots of wonderful historical dresses and bags, which created Gucci The image, for which we love it so much!!