Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 tips to stay fit for the summer

Here are the top 3 tips for this summer, so you will feel yourself always fit and you will be able to enjoy vacation! :)

1) Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, which is needed by your body especially at that time in the year.
Here are some ideas, what to eat:

  • fruits: 
- make a fruit salad of apple, pears, banana, kiwi and grapefruit. These all contain important vitamins, which you will need, if you are all day long on sun, fresh air and beach.
- you can also make a fruit shake. My favourite is from banana, kiwi, with a little cinnamon and the liquid of a half lemon.
- if you feel, like you don't eat enough fruits, you can also buy vitamin tablets (it exists in every kind of vitamins, but also mixed). You can buy them in almost every supermarket. Drink 1 or 2 tablets each day.

  • vegetables:
- Make a fresh italian salad with pasta mixed with vegetables, like paprika, tomato, onions, cucumber and avocado. You can also add some cheese, like mozzerella or cheddar and some ham. Try it, and I'm sure, you will feel yourself fresh and light, but full with energy after it!
- another great recipe is this one: mix apples, paprika, tomato and cheese and put some yoghurt on it. It's very simple to make it, but the apples and yoghurt make it very unique and delicious!
- take vegetables also for snacks. It has two advantages: you will be filled up with vitamins and you will stay skinny at the same time! Isn't this great?

2) Do exercises in the morning and in the evening! If you don't exercise regularly, you will feel yourself and your mussels lazy. Don't exercise on sun, do it, before the day turns in his too hot period! You don't have to do it too long, do it only as long as you fell you are refreshed!
You can look for exercises on the internet or on youtube, but you can also buy a book with useful exercise tips. For example: The Women's Health Big Book Of Exercises

3) Take care of your skin!! One of the most important thing in summer is keeping your skin and hair healthy. The weather is hot and dry, the sun shines all the time - the best combination, BUT only if it's not too much of it!! I already wrote about how you can protect your skin from sun. Click here to read the  post.

Sun yourself but not too much. And to feel yourself energetic and fresh after being on sun, use "after sun" gel. You can buy for example the Aloe Soothing Gel Skin Nourishing After Sun Relief. Click here to buy.
You will need also a new parfume, with the feeling of summer. I love the design of the Calvin Klein "Summer" parfume:
Oh, and don't forget to show also in your Make-up, that it's summer!! 

"Surf, Baby" lipstick from MAC, who will be at see in the summer:
"Summer in the City" eye shadow from LCN, for those, who will stay in the citie

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Win a Marc Cain T-shirt

Hi, Everybody!
I'm back!! :)) I'm really happy, that I  can write again! From now on I will post everyday! :)

So, here is my first post, let me begin!
As I already wrote, I love the site of the German Vogue, and I'm checking it for news all the time. I just found a new article, and read that everybody has a chance to win a Marc Cain T-shirt. It's designed for the soon beginning football world championship. I also tried the game, because who knows, maybe I will be that lucky person, who can get a specialdesigned Marc Cain T-shirt for free. It would be just perfect! :)
So, you know, I speak German, but maybe not all of you does, and I thought I could help you, so you could also get a chance to win.
Here is a little help:

  1. First load the site of Vogue: 
  2. Search for the article "Shirts Mode-Fans" (Mode means fashion)
  3. At the end of the article click on "Spiel starten" (it means "start the game")
  4. Play the game, it's a normal memory game
  5. you have to fill the form, but only the labels "Andere" (=Other: "Frau"=women/"Herr"=men), Vorname" (=given Name), Name (=name) and E-mail are necessary 
  6. At the end click on "Absenden" (=send) 
I hope I could help! :)) Wish you luck!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Halo, my dear readers! 
I am really sorry, that I'm not posting recently so much, but I have to learn very much, because in two weeks I go back to Hungary and I have to make my hungarian exams. I will  try to post sometimes, but I can only be sure, that I will write again from end of June every day!! So, please, don"t think I finished posting, just wait a little, and check my blog again, when I had my exams. 
See you soon here, on my blog,