Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011/2012

Hi, sorry, I didn't write for a few days, but I didn't have internet.

The Chanel Haute Couter show was a few days ago, and as always it was wonderful!!!!!

The show was again in Grand Palais in Paris and I am always amused, how many and great ideas the people, who work for Chanel have. Each show is different, but has the same style, same feeling of high fashion. When I first saw the set, I had the feeling I'm under stellar sky at a place in Paris with beautiful houses - as always.

Can't write how beautiful all the dresses of the collection were. The design of the coats were very unique, the downer part was made of an amazing cut. The skirts were pretty narrow, it was sure very hard for the models to walk without any mistakes on the catwalk... The long dresses brought me in another world, which has a unique charm and elegance, with the feeling of a little romance.

Two words - hats and boots.
These hatdesigns were a new milestone in question of fashion. I'm sure, many ( worse labels than Chanel) labels will follow suit it.
The boots were very classy. I love leather, when it is so thin like cotton and if it feels like silk. :)

If somebody had photographed the face of the models, it would have been looked like a painting. Although black make-up is not the most natural one, Peter Philips did a great work again. The black eye shadow, white powder and that beautiful lace on the eyes made the models look like young women from the time of Coco Chanel. I have to try it one time!

End of the show:
When you think, they can't  do anything more, so you would admire it even more, then they do something unbelievable - yeah, that's Chanel. The idea with lighting shoes was perfect, so the whole show was underlined!

My favourite look:

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fashion in Hungary

Fashion in Hungary in summer is as multi-faceted as in every place on the world. 
I already wrote about Náray Tamás, who is one of the most important people in hungarian fashion, and he just presented his spring/summer 2011 collection in Budapest. I love the new clothes of this collection. 
My favourites are the white dresses, which are a combination of elegance and summer cruise, with a little glamourous chic and modernity. 
He played a lot with patterns. These pieces are for people, who like to have attention!  
The blazers had a wonderful cut and I can imagine, wearing them onetime just in the city, and the other time at an elegant event! 
The long summer dresses in pastel colours looked fabulous, they will never be out of fashion!!

What I especially loved, was the choreography at the second part. Maybe you don't know, but later on I would also like to do choreographies. I think, a good fashion show contains not only good dresses of a wonderful collection, but a very good presentation, what absolutely influences the effect, impression of the clothes on the people!! A good presentation should contain a very good choreography, which is heightened with sound and light effects. The choreography should be presented by the models naturally and effective, what means, the models should know the whole show perfectly. This harmony of different effects should motivate the people to buy the dresses of a collection!

If you are interested in the fashion show, you can watch it here, right now:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charlene and Prince Albert - the wedding

Charlene and Prince Albert are now "wife and men". The wedding just finished a few hours ago. Charlene's Armani dress looked amazing, it fit for her perfectly, it was not too much, it was very good for a royal wedding.

And now the question, which would and will probably many people ask after two royal weddings: Was Kate Middleton's or Charlene's wedding dress better??

My opinion is, that Charlene's dress was much better than Kate's dress. Kate's dress was too conservative and I think, uncomfortable because of its length. Of course, it also looked nice, I liked the material, but Charlene looked like a real princess, and that was only because the dress made look her like one!! The cut was fantastic and the conservative pattern was at least as decorative, as a bracelet would have been!! 

That's my opinion. What is yours?? Which dress do you like more and why? 

Friday, July 1, 2011

500 by Gucci - Fiat

Gucci just presented his new designs - but this time not a normal fashion collection with beautiful clothes designs, but  two wonderful CAR designs. The cars are Fiats and you can choose from black and white. The typical and characteristic Gucci design also appears on it. It will be soon available, so if you are just before buying a new car, wait a little, because this design is just perfect - for everybody!!! If you want to sign up to the a Priority List, so you can be the first to buy these cars, click here