Monday, April 25, 2011

Top 10 swimsuit 2011

I collected the 10 best looking swimsuit from this season! They are not too expensive, so you can buy them, and they look amazing on the beach!

1) Victoria's Secret swimsuit for 58$

Black is always a good choice. This swimsuit looks elegant, and modern at the same time. And swimsuits with interesting cuts, like this, are this season's must-haves!

2) Juicy Couture swimsuit for 89$

Girly, with lots of flowers. The colours of summer. We can't go on summer holidays without a bikini like this!

3) Esprit swimsuit for 49,95€

Sporty and comfortable, but also trendy because of the oval form! Perfect!

4) Victoria's Secret swimsuit for 25$

The trend-colour orange mixed with a cute chic. I already feel the sunshine on my skin, and hear the sound of the see.... :)

5) Ralph Lauren swimsuit for 77$

Classic stays always IN. This swimsuit will always be trendy, modern and cool. If you haven't got one swimsuit like this, you have to go shopping, but URGENTLY!!

 6) Jamie Blakely swimsuit for 104$

Newest trend in question of beachwear - printed swimsuit. If you are a trend-follower, and you haven't got one like this yet, then: shame on you! :)

7) H&M swimsuit for 14€

I'm filled up with energy, when I look at that swimsuit - this colour is amazing!

8) Tommy Hilfiger swimsuit for 39$

Simple summer - sailer muster belongs to EVERY summer!

9) French Connection swimsuit for 42£

Another trendy swimsuit with interesting cut.

10) Roxy swimsuit for 59€

Bouncy, only for happy people! :) The perfect example for a colour-blocking-swimsuit!

So, let's go, get your bag and go shopping!!!!!

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