Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Taylor Swift live in Hong Kong

Hi, Everybody, yesterday I was on the on the Taylor Swift concert in Hong Kong!! It was ah-mazing!! We were sitting in Block 1, it means we were on the left side of the stage. The best was, that so we could see the backstage, how Taylor before the concert walked "up-and-down", and how the people worked.

I made a lot of videos and pictures, sorry, the quality isn't the best. :( But you can watch it right here! :)
The dresses of Taylor were very nice, I loved the first one, which was a brown minidress and boots, so it was a country-style.
The second dress was a blue romantic one, with a little bit 7ties-feeling.
I looooved the third one, which first looked like a robe, in white and silver colours. In the middle of the song, with one move, she just picked of the long skirt, and she wore in the next moment a mini.
At the end she wore a white dress, a similar one to the second dress.
I loved this clothes, because these were perfectly her style!!

So here is a photo and some videos:

Taylor Swift singing 

Taylor Swift's beautiful dress

Taylor Swift singing in her beautiful dress


  1. J'aime beaucoup Taylor Swift, si j'avais pu, je serais allée la voir a Hong Kong aussi !! ^^ J'aime beaucoup la photo, tu as raison sa robe est superbe ! Bisous !

  2. J'aie la robe aussi!! Merci pour ton commentaire!! :))

  3. J'aime bien Taylor Swift mais surtout en actrice :p lol ^^ bien qu'elle ait commencé a se faire connaitre par le chant !

    Sinon, merci de ton commentaire et bonne continuation à toi ;)