Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales - The love story

You probably know, Kate Middleton is the fiancée of Prince William  of Wales. But I'm sure, you don't know how the love story began!

It was a nice day in 2002. The students of St. Andrews University were excited about the charity fashion show called Dont Walk. The show began. Models, who were the students of the university, in interesting, artistic clothes came on the runway. William, a student, also enjoyed the show. And suddenly, beautiful girl, in an extreme clothes appeared on the runway. The see-through dress caught the eyes of the young student in the first moment. In the next moment, he already knew, that the girl who was wearing the dress, is the one. He fell in love. And this was the beginning of their romance!

So, do you know who is William and who is the girl? ... They are Prince William and Kate Middleton.
It's a lovely love story and it's true. The dress was sold recently for 125,000$!

Kate Middleton is now one of the happiest woman on the world. She is soon marrying Prince William. I think, she didn't think on the runway on that day, that that dress will help her to become a wife of a prince!

And now, what is the teach of this story?? 

For Fashion, there's no impossible. Fashion can do wonder. Fashion can make people fall in love!! 

So, this is one more reason, why we have to love fashion!!

My tip to you:
If you want to marry a prince, organize a charity fashion show and walk on the runway in your favourite dress! Good luck!! :)

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