Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Disneyland Hong Kong

Hi, I was yesterday in Hong Kong Disneyland. If you think, that it's only for children, you aren't right!! Disneyland is sooo cool, it's such a fun!!! :))

 And (of course) the fashion is also there... It's very multi-faceted, because the people aren't same, there are a lots of types of them. For example, there are the kind of people, who really loves sight-seeing and they just say in the morning off-hand "Let's go hike!!", and they wear comfortable jogging shoes, and jeans or (in the worst case) training clothes... Yes, I can't really understand them...

But there is the opposite case, the plaza-girls, who are always following the newest trend and they can't see anything from their nose. These types comes to Disnepland in 10 cm high high-heels and mini-skirt. I also can't understand this type, because some of them, if you would ask them what they think about fashion, couldn't give an answer. Because they don't really think about it, they just wear what they have seen in a magazine or the newest clothes from newest collections of luxus labels. Maybe the best answer of them would be: "We wear these clothes, because everybody does it!" Of course, there are exceptions!!

And another type are the stylish people, who really think something of fashion, who can be amazed styles from other people, who wear clothes like she/he never ever would wear, but she/he understands that everybody can have a different opinion about fashion. These people know much about fashion, they follow the newest trends, but only those, which they like, they have an on style, an own place in fashion-world!

As long as I was in Disneyland, I "discovered" what kind of shoes wear the people. It was fun, because normally I don't always look down, and now, when I did it, I could more easily get know the style of one of the people. I could also see some interesting shoes there....


rocker-style :)



The weather is already hotter than it in the previous days were, so it's about 15-20 Degree Celsius. It's really funny when I see uggs and sandals next to each other... :)))

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