Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hi, Everybody, today I went shopping with my Mother and friend in Mong Kok. Mong Kok is a quarter in Hong Kong and there are mostly Chinese people, it means you can see really only a few white people. It's really interesting and full with butiques, little stores and shopping malls.

Mong Kok in the night

We went in a store, called G2000. I love G2000, you can buy there conservative and elegant clothes, but you can also find very interesting, modern and cool outfits. It's also very cheep, so you can easily buy a few clothes from there every season. Now, it's the end of winter, so there's a big sale! But you can also already buy the newest dresses of the collection spring/summer 2011.
Today, my Mother bought an orange T-shirt and an orange scarf. (orange is the new trend-colour :)) I bought a skirt, a very beautiful one, which I wanted for a long time. You can see now the skirt on this photo and other dresses from the collection:

I bought this skirt and I LOVE it!!! 


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