Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cotton on

Hi Everybody, you know that I'm a Chanel-fan, but I can't buy all my clothes in luxus-labels, so I like butiques a lot and also other labels like Cotton on. Cotton on is a little bit like H&M, but maybe it's more like Zara and I like it very much!! It's very cheep, but I think, the quality is also not that bad. 
Today I was shopping with my hungarian friend in Central, in Hong Kong and we bought some new clothes there. My friend bought also ballerinas. They are sooo cute!!! I bought also nail polish, of course in my favourite colour, black. 

This T-shirt is sooo lovely!! :) (9,9 €)

Ballerinas (5,9 €)

I couldn't leave behind this panties... they are sooo funny! :)) (4,9 €)

Panties (4,9 €)

Nail polish in black (2,5 €)

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