Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hungarian labels

The cousin of my friend is a famous fashion-designer in Hungary and all over the world. András Tóth, Eszter Füzes and Attila Godena-Juhász are designing for the fashion-label USE-UNUSED since 2002. They won a lot of awards, for example the award for Tony and Guy haircut and they also made a Nike experimental collection. Since spring 2005 their collections appear at the Paris Fashion Week. They are very famous in Hungary, New York, Berlin and Helsinki.

Their "fashion-philosophy" is the classical style of the 40s, 50s and 60s with modern motifs. The dresses are effeminate and in perfect harmony with each other. They're mixing a couple of self-contained and erotic style with clear-out, minimalist shapes and coulours. They think, fashion is not dependent on age.

They've got shops in Hungary, Australia, Korea and in a lot of parts of USA. Let's buy something!! :))

For more information look the website of USE-UNUSED.

The designers


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