Monday, February 14, 2011

Juicy Couture

Hi, Everybody, I hope, you're enjoying Valentine's Day!! :) 

I looove Juicy Couture. Juicy Couture is an american label, and I think, it's amazing how fast they have got sooo famous! Recently hundreds, or maybe thousands of teenagers and also women and men buy a lots of clothes there. We CAN say, that today JC is one of the trendiest, coolest and most popular labels in the world. 
If you take a look at the website of JC and click on "about us", you will see this:

text: Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Dacoima there were two nice girls who liked stuff Juicy Couture swept the land and they lived happily ever after :)
It's soooo cute!!!

The clothes are not too expensive, so many people can buy there dresses for each season. Here, in Hong Kong, almost everybody has got something from JC. They wear them on the street all the time. This training clothes you can see all the time on the streets:

I also have one :)

I looove the photos of Juicy Couture!! They are sooo unique! When I'm reading Vouge and I open it on the page, where is the photo of JC, I can say which label it is without looking at the title, because it's really sooo unique! Here are some photos from previous campaigns: 


The new collection from JC for spring/summer 2011 is very adorable. The designers made the dresses after the new trends, like interesting colours, flower musters... , but they haven't forgotten the Juicy style, it means the girly, young, bouncing "philosophy". I looove it!!! So, don't you???

Spring 2011 campaign
If you think, that the newest collections of JC are too expensive, you can get dresses and other Juicy accessories much cheeper on SALE.

Why don't you buy a new sunglass or bag for spring? :)

sunglasses for 45$

handbag for 76,99$

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