Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hi, I LOVE Gap since I was born... and this isn't a joke. The biggest part of my wardrobe is really from Gap! The clothes are sooo comfortable, beautiful, styled and cool!! There, you find clothes for everybody: women, men, children, teenagers and babies!! The texture of the dresses is really amazing, and I wear some of the clothes for many years, so they are also for hard wear :) !! The website of Gap is sooo cool and great! You can shop online, and if you take a look on the website, you can be really sure, what you will get.


The new spring/summer collection of Gap is sooo adorable!! The designers mostly used pastel-colours, but you can get there also clothes in trend-colours, like orange or blue. You can buy a lot of trapez-jeans, which are totally in trend. But you can always look for the Gap-basics, which are sporty T-shirts and Sweat-shirts, Jeans, or maybe minimalism shirts, blouse and skirts. 

Here are some pictures of the new collection: 

In-trend: minimalism, pastel-colours, orange and shorts
In-trend: blue, shorts and trapez-jeans

In-trend: trapez-jeans

In-trend: swimsuit with flower musters

So.... do you like it??? I do! Let's go shopping!!! :)

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