Friday, February 25, 2011

Make-up photos

Hi, everybody, I was surfing on the internet looking for the newest make-up products and trends, when I have found the website of Ka Lam, called also Karen, a make-up artist in Hong Kong. I looked the pictures of her artistic make-ups and hairs, and I just couldn't say anything, because they are soooo unbelievable!! I loved how she decorated the lips of the models with those beautiful pearls! So, first take a look at the pictures and after that write me what do you think about it!! :)

Karen working


  1. Coucou !! En tant que fan de maquillage, j'adore ton article ! Elle crée vraiment de beaux maquillages, c'est tout simplement magnifique ! J'adore vraiment les deux premières photos, c'est de l'art ! J'en reviens pas, c'est tellement beau !! Je vais aller sur son site pour régaler mes yeux ! Bisous !!