Saturday, March 19, 2011

New hair trend: middle-part

The absolutely new hair trend is the middle-part! Many of big labels used this trend on the runway, and also celebrities like it.
This hair was the character of the 70s. So, it's not a surprise, that not only the designers were inspired from this age, also the hairstylists.

Do I like it:
I like this hairtrend, but not for everyone. The face of many people looks like a potato, if they wear it. You doesn't believe? Well, look at these picture... Now, imagine the face of the celebrities would be a potato! See the difference, because I DON'T.

And! If you are tricky, you figured out, who shouldn't wear this hairtrend! .... So, you don't know it??
Both women on the pictures have got a long pony. Maybe they didn't have time to go to their hairstylist, or they just want to grow their pony, whatever. But what is important is, that their hair covers a part of their forehead, but their cheek. So, that's the reason, why the form of their face looks so "interesting"...
If you are clever, you won't wear middle-part with long pony!!

I told you now, who shouldn't wear a middle-part, and I also want to tell you, who should!
Women, who have a "long face" should wear this trend, because it makes the form of their face look more round, proportional. My favourite example is Jennifer Aniston. I love her middle-part and the whole haircut:

I would suggest to wear this hairtrend also for those, who have strong face contour, because this look will softer it. That's the reason, why the haircut of Kate Hudson looks so amazing:

My favourite middle-part on the runway was the design of Chanel, because it wasn't only a simple middle-part, it was something we didn't have seen before: the part was coloured black! It looked amazing and also fit to the foggy make-up and black-and-white-clothes:

If you are an absolutely trend-follower, this hair-style will belong to your outfit this season!!

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