Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blake Lively

Blake Lively, an actress and model celebrity gets recently a lot of attention, because she is the new face of Chanel. Now I want to analyze her style a little bit and find out as much about her as I can.

So, for beginning here is a picture of her:

Her style:

She is a typical american girl! She loves the new trends, glamour, gossip, everything with fashion!! She is not afraid for wearing interesting and exclusive clothes. She always wears the newest designs of luxurious labels. Just give in in google images search blake lively, and you will see a lot of photos, on which she is shown with a runway picture. Many people writes about looking a clothes on her or on the runway-girl better. Click here to see it with your own eyes. :)  

Her character:

If you just take a short look at the picture, you can see, she totally adores being in the middle of the attention!! She is smiling and standing there, like she would be one of the happiest people of the world. The way she is holding her hands says about her, that she likes to be a celebrity, but how she is holding her legs expresses, that of course she likes to have an attention, but she doesn't want to tell everything the whole world.

This is not her first year as a celebrity, we can see this in her smile: she already knows, how she has to smile and look in the camera to show her best side. If you take a look at more pictures from her, you will see, that her face expressions are similar on many pictures.

The way she is holding her legs, doesn't says only, that she doesn't want to tell us everything. It also shows, that she loves clothes, because also in this picture, she is playing with the texture. She wants to make people curious. So, this standing is perfect for her, because while she is making the people curious, she is telling us, that we don't know everything about her. And so she becomes more attention! :) 

My tip to her:

She should care a lot about her hair, because if she doesn't refresh her hair enough often, the end of her hair will look "old", not fresh.

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