Tuesday, March 8, 2011

John Galliano

The John Galliano fashion show was hold on a small scale, but luckily (because of the media) we could see the pictures of every pieces of the collection.
The dresses were for the first moment a part of a-romantic-collection, but we could also realize a glamourous, elegance, playfully and luxurious side of the clothes. Different beautiful textures were used, often fur for the coat neck. 
The shoes were high heels, which were decorated with different bands. These designs made a bouncy and modern effect. 
Galliano made his clothes in very nice colours, for example light white or gray. He used a lot of tweeds for jackets and blazers, and also a very nice silk for dresses. Also in this collection, we could see hats. I think, hats gonna be in fall/winter must-have-accessories, so you can already begin looking after the best! :)
I loved the dark blue transparent maxi, which absolutely had ethereal-feeling!

photos: www.vogue.de

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