Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The must-have for the next seasons: Hats

If you followed the fashion weeks, you should realize, that one of the biggest trends in the next seasons are going to be hats.
I like this new trend, because hats make women look stylish and luxurious. A good hat also make the feature look softer.

My favourite one was the new hat-design of Hermés. Those hats are basic of the collection!!
So, take a look at the picture:

This hat has got a very strong character! The clothes, with which you can combine it are given.  A cool and fierce, maybe fired atmosphere belongs to this outfit. The structure and contour are good visible, so we have a feeling, like the person, who wears the hat, would be precise, definite and determined. The end of the hat covers the eyes of the woman, so she looks mysterious and cryptic. The person, who wears that hat make people curious.

You should wear it like this:
! The hat should have the attention !
It's important, to wear not to extreme clothes, because the hat is already enough characteristic, so, you will look like a clown, if you aren't careful! Don't use too much accessories too. 

If you decided to wear a minimalist or cool outfit, you can look, which clothes pass to the hat the most.  Nice looks would be for example this two:

Minimalist and romantic chic for summer:

Marks and Spencer hat for 15£

H&M dress for 19,95€

Gap flats for 41,91$

Marks and Spencer handbag for 29,50£

Cool chic:
Zara hat for 19,95€

H&M blouse for 14,95€

Gap jeans for 79,50$

H&M high heels for 29,95€

Gap handbag for 49,99$

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