Friday, March 18, 2011

Kate Winslet on cover of Vogue

What do you think, who is on this Vogue cover?

Of course you know, who is she, because you read the title... But honestly, if you wouldn't have seen the name, could you imagine, that this ultra-modern, stylish, cool and new person is Kate Winslet?? I'm just asking it, because I couldn't. I thought she is a new actor or singer, maybe a model in the celebrity-world, but I would never had the idea, that this is Kate Winslet!
There are advantages and disadvantages of her new style, but if you ask me what I think about it, I would say: Bingo! This new haircut and style fits exactly to her feature! 
What I like the most, is the contrast of the colour of her hair and the colour of her eyebrows. This is the main point of her new style. This contrast gives this modernity
Her  eyebrows looks also very natural. Of course her eyebrows are coloured and formed, but they still looks real! 
Her hair is fixed, but it has got a "free-movement", so the style doesn't looks too hard or sharp. And the cut is such an amazing work! I would like to meet her hairstylist!! Would you?

I saw her in a Calvin Klein dress, which, we know, is specified on minimalist, modern lines and simple colours. It looked exclusive, but I think, it was already too much of modernity. The extrem haircut and the strong lined dress made her look unreal
I would suggest her to wear more effeminate or more romantic clothes.

She could visit the shop of YSL, which is also minimalist and simple coloured, but it's more effeminate. 

The new collection of Mulberry would also be a good choice for her! 

Some of the clothes from the new Gucci collection are also imaginable to this look, because they are cool, so it would fit to her haircut.


  1. She's so gorgeous! I especially loved her in Titanic, my favorite movie! xx

  2. Yeah, I also think, she is a great actor!!