Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chanel 2011 fall-winter

I was so curious, how the Chanel fashion show for fall/winter 2011/2012 is gonna be!!! Now I know, it was amazing, wonderful and again something absolutely new!!!!

The fashion show took place in Grand Palais. The whole runway was in fog and on the two sides of it, there were gray stones and sand, which gave us a fall-feeling, or like we would be in a forest.
The beginning was breath-taking, when the huge "door" opened and the models came on the runway!
In the first moment we could realize, that a collection like this, we didn't have seen before. The designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld made again something new!!

This was a boyish-collection, but we could also see some elegant clothes too. Most of the clothes were black, but there were also some dark green and dark red tones. Of course the white-black combination couldn't missed! 
Lagerfeld designed many blazers, but also capes, tweedboleros, and also very nice blouses. These were combined with tight jeans or pants, which were ankle-long. There were also some very nice dresses! 
Lagerfeld used a lot of tweed, but also other nice textures. 
The shoes were mostly booties, which were the basic of the boyish-look. But we could see also some not too high high heels, which were worn with the more elegant and effeminate clothes, or with a very boyish-dress to "allay" the effect a little bit. 
Some of the blouses had low necks, which had a little contrast with the boyish-booties.

The hair of the models was very interesting and modern. The models had their hair in bun, but on the right side, they had it open. The make-up was also nice, gray silver as eye-shadow, which had a "cool" effect.

This show was amazing!!!! If you wanna see the full fashion show, click here!


Dark red:

Dark green:

Elegant dresses:

Karl Lagerfeld and the models:


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