Monday, May 16, 2011

Kate Moss - photo exhibition

The Dior Addict was her latest campaign, but if someone would like to count for how many labels did Kate Moss modeling, it would be almost impossible.
Many people don't like her, I also wouldn't say, that she is in my top 10 models list, but it's a fact, that she is one of the biggest model-icons until now! She has one of the best careers in fashion-world, and she is still active!

In Paris, in Galerie L'Instant, there is a photo exhibition at this time. The best photos of Kate Moss are collected and showed people from around the world. Here are my favourite 3  photos. On each photo, she looks a little different than on the most of the photos:

1) Juliette Butler 1995 - I love that moment, when the photo was taken. You can feel, that everybody was busy and wanted to bring out the best of his work. All the moves and blinks are mirroring, what is happening around them.

2) Rankin 2005 - I like the colours of this picture, it would fit in a hairstylist magazine. Kate Moss' eyes looking so deeply, like she would be able to look into you. 

3) Paolo Roversi 1993 - this photo is different than the others. Kate Moss looks very young, well, this was taken in 1993, but she is even looking younger. Her face contour is good visible, which is even enhanced by the black-white effect. 


  1. J'aime la deusieme photos!!!!
    La coiffure est superbe!
    Angela Donava

  2. Oui! J'aime la premiere photo le mieux. :)