Friday, August 5, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011 - All trends

Watching all the fashion shows is just the beginning of informing yourself about the new trends. The next step is, making a list of the main lines of that season. So, after all the shows fall/winter 2011/2012, maybe the trend lines aren't enough clear for you. Here is a list with the top 10 trends, so you can go immediately AND easily shopping. :))

1) Strict elegance 

Classic, but edgy cuts and hard textures, determinate colours and strict hairstyles. The wide sleeves are also characteristic for this elegant, but strict style.

Best examples:


Louis Vuitton

2) Boyish chic

You will find a lot boyish coats, tails, dark-coloured pants in the shop. The boy-meets-girl look is one of the main lines this winter!

Best Examples:



3) Black

It looks like it will never go out of fashion - black appeared in most of the collection also this season.

Best examples:


Emporio Armani

4) Red

An intense colour, which has a bright palette,  from which we can choose. After the summer-trend orange, the autumnal colour will fill us up with energy.

Best examples:


Bottega Venata

5) Coats of the Sixties

The typical cut of the 60s is back - at least in the question of coats. Characteristic are also bright colours.

Best examples:


Jil Sander

6) Patterned clothes

The spring/summer trends don't end. We could see lots of patterned designs in the collactions.

Best examples:




Winter is cold - if you want to stay warm, the best way is wearing a fur. 

Best examples:



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