Monday, November 21, 2011

Amazing photo shoot by German Vogue

Hi, Everybody!
I'm so happy, it's winter!! I like it much more, than summer, because we can even wear more amazing clothes. It just feels so good, step out the door at a cold, snowy winter day in high heeled boots (you know, the funniest thing is going down to the school from the car park in these slippery boots, which is just like - well, almost - I would walk down a ski-truck covered with ice... ), wearing an amazing coat and carrying a fury bag, while seeing all the trees decorated for Christmas, covered with snow and hearing the buzzy noise of the city on a usual day. Love it!

It looks like, the must-haves for this winter are going to be leather and lace. German Vogue is one of those, who made a photo shoot with the best pieces of designers collections. The photos are mostly black and white, they just look very artistic and extravagant.

 Also balett dancing AND clothing is having a big importance nowadays. After the Oscar winning "Black swan" and many articles about ballerinas (f.e.: one of the TeenVogue issues this fall), I'm not surprised. 
I'm really happy about it, because I also dance, and I think it's an amazing, complex and difficult sort of arts!


Do you know the song "Leather and lace"? :)))

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