Monday, December 26, 2011

Inés de la Fressange- style icon - "la Parisienne chic"

Hi Everyone,
merry Xmas!!! Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

I've just got the book, I wanted since a long time. It's called "Parisian chic" from Inés de la Fressange. If you only look at the design, you see, that THIS is the book you always wanted!! Which you can take out off your bag in a cafeteria, and I promise, everybody will want it!!
So, and if you start reading... I just LOVE the style of Inés!! She writes with a little irony and sarcasm - the perfect way to get that parisian feeling!!
So, if you are lucky to be able to buy it, don't wait!!! And if you already have it, well, I'm sure you have it in "the big tote bag"!!



  1. You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great weekend!!! :-) :-) :-)

  2. Thx for your comment! I'm going to try to post a little more!! :) Hope to see u soon here!!

  3. Like your blog!!!

  4. Thx!! Hope to see you back here!!