Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Fashion in Hungary

Fashion in Hungary in summer is as multi-faceted as in every place on the world. 
I already wrote about Náray Tamás, who is one of the most important people in hungarian fashion, and he just presented his spring/summer 2011 collection in Budapest. I love the new clothes of this collection. 
My favourites are the white dresses, which are a combination of elegance and summer cruise, with a little glamourous chic and modernity. 
He played a lot with patterns. These pieces are for people, who like to have attention!  
The blazers had a wonderful cut and I can imagine, wearing them onetime just in the city, and the other time at an elegant event! 
The long summer dresses in pastel colours looked fabulous, they will never be out of fashion!!

What I especially loved, was the choreography at the second part. Maybe you don't know, but later on I would also like to do choreographies. I think, a good fashion show contains not only good dresses of a wonderful collection, but a very good presentation, what absolutely influences the effect, impression of the clothes on the people!! A good presentation should contain a very good choreography, which is heightened with sound and light effects. The choreography should be presented by the models naturally and effective, what means, the models should know the whole show perfectly. This harmony of different effects should motivate the people to buy the dresses of a collection!

If you are interested in the fashion show, you can watch it here, right now:

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