Sunday, July 3, 2011

Charlene and Prince Albert - the wedding

Charlene and Prince Albert are now "wife and men". The wedding just finished a few hours ago. Charlene's Armani dress looked amazing, it fit for her perfectly, it was not too much, it was very good for a royal wedding.

And now the question, which would and will probably many people ask after two royal weddings: Was Kate Middleton's or Charlene's wedding dress better??

My opinion is, that Charlene's dress was much better than Kate's dress. Kate's dress was too conservative and I think, uncomfortable because of its length. Of course, it also looked nice, I liked the material, but Charlene looked like a real princess, and that was only because the dress made look her like one!! The cut was fantastic and the conservative pattern was at least as decorative, as a bracelet would have been!! 

That's my opinion. What is yours?? Which dress do you like more and why? 

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