Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Win a Marc Cain T-shirt

Hi, Everybody!
I'm back!! :)) I'm really happy, that I  can write again! From now on I will post everyday! :)

So, here is my first post, let me begin!
As I already wrote, I love the site of the German Vogue, and I'm checking it for news all the time. I just found a new article, and read that everybody has a chance to win a Marc Cain T-shirt. It's designed for the soon beginning football world championship. I also tried the game, because who knows, maybe I will be that lucky person, who can get a specialdesigned Marc Cain T-shirt for free. It would be just perfect! :)
So, you know, I speak German, but maybe not all of you does, and I thought I could help you, so you could also get a chance to win.
Here is a little help:

  1. First load the site of Vogue: www.vogue.de 
  2. Search for the article "Shirts Mode-Fans" (Mode means fashion)
  3. At the end of the article click on "Spiel starten" (it means "start the game")
  4. Play the game, it's a normal memory game
  5. you have to fill the form, but only the labels "Andere" (=Other: "Frau"=women/"Herr"=men), Vorname" (=given Name), Name (=name) and E-mail are necessary 
  6. At the end click on "Absenden" (=send) 
I hope I could help! :)) Wish you luck!!

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