Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fashion in Hong Kong 1

Hi, Everybody. I was very busy in the last week because we just came back to Hong Kong from Hungary from Christmas holidays. The first week was interesting because it was colder than last 15 "winter". It means, it was about 10 degrees (Celsius) :)), so not that cold. Like the first days of spring. But Chinese people find it very cold. They are wearing winter jackets, boots, caps, scarves, gloves... Every second people wear ugg boots. I  like them too because they are comfortable and they look good, but I already had them last year, so I didn't buy one pair for this winter. Today the weather was better and we went to Stanley Market (it's near to the sea). We saw a bride in a beautiful wedding dress and in ... FLIP FLOPS!!!
It looked really funny!! Maybe she wore it because a photographer made photos of her on the beach... But flip flops. On a wedding. With a wedding dress. NO way!!!

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