Friday, December 31, 2010

My first post

Hi, this is my first post. Today is the 31st December - so tomorrow is New Year!! Well, I hope it will be better than the last year!
I thought about what I could do and I am planning, I will photograph all my outfits in 2011. I will also make short videos from them with the titles January, February... The photos will help you to get know my looks, outfits better.
Another project: Every week I will photograph some Chinese people and compare, contrast them with european and american people's style.
I am also planning to choose every two week or every month a celebrity and find out about her/his style as much as I can.
I also want to give you information about CHANEL, my favourite fashion business. (information like where was the last dress-show, how it was...)
I will also write down my opinion about today's fashion.

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